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Vienna is historic & modern, traditional & hip, elegant & casual, green & smart, musical & artistic, placidly & lively, sweet & savoury, old-urban & spacious, culinary & wine loving, hospitable & international, pedestrian & cyclist friendly, in short: worth living & loving!


Discover with me many different facets of my town.

Choose between city walks, city tours by coach or limousine, by public transportation or leisurely by bicycle:

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Whether you travel to Vienna in a group or individually or you even live in Vienna, there is always something new to discover on a city tour or walk. 


Numerous stories are being told about the Habsburgs who controlled the destiny of our country for hundreds of years. As well as about all the historic and current personalities of our city, moreover the musical heads who composed their most famous pieces in Vienna. Not to forget the Viennese institutions, such as the coffee house, the philharmonics, the „Sacher“ or the „“.


Sight next to sight is located along the well-known Ring Boulevard, former noble palaces are scattered over the whole town as well as wonderful art nouveau buildings, parks or cemeteries which wait to be discovered. There are countless options. 


Whether a walk on foot, drive by bus or limousine, public transport or bicycle, a born and passionate Viennese myself I will be more than happy to accompany you on your wanders around my city. 

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