Gustav Klimt and Vienna

A guided citytour to Klimt's masterpieces  in Vienna

There are many traces of Gustav Klimt's work in Vienna

The kiss by Gustav Klimt at the Belvedere
The kiss
Death and life by  Gustav Klimt at the Leopold Museum
Death and life

Gustav Klimt is one of the best known sons of Vienna and amongst the most famous painters in the world.


Klimt's masterpieces can be found in various collections all over the world but the largest number of his paintings are to be seen at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna.

Yet this is not the only place in Vienna to see his works, at the Vienna Secession one can marvel Klimt's Beethoven freeze and at the Leopold Museum one learns even more about his work and life.

Also the Albertina exhibits some of the master's drawings.

Klimt's early works in Vienna are decorative paintings at the halls of the National Theater and of the Fine Arts Museum.


Fans of Klimt can now also visit his last studio in Vienna, located in the 13th district of the city, not too far from the former Habsburg's summer residence, Schönbrunn.

Even though it was somehow changed after Klimt's death, one can still feel the spirit of the great master! is more than happy to arrange a guided city tour for you to see some of the above mentioned places!

Yours, Renate Bauer




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